Friday, 28 February 2014

Rocket beef sandwich

You gotta try this:

Fresh, easy and delicious!

Beef rocket sandwich with horseradish and balsamic sauce, yum!

Fry gently some shallots (finely sliced) in an olive oil for about 10 minutes then add 2 tbs of balsamic vinegar
Grilled the steak for 2-3 minutes
For the sauce: Mix a natural yogurt 0% with horseradish

Spread the horseradish sauce on a walnut bread (toasted). Add the fried shallots and rare beef with some rocket salads on the top.


Lola's cupcake

A friday treat intention from my colleague who's birthday is the 29th feb which means he can only celebrate it once every 4years. How unlucky is that.....

You'd better magnify it properly in this case, with a special one from Lola's cupcakes made of dark and milk chocolate, hazelnuts and white chocolate on the top - Naughty.

Keen on turkish cuisine?

Gokyuzu Restaurant in Wood Green (north london) is apparently one of the best Turkish and mediterranean cuisine you can find in London.

Generous portion, decent price, nice service and good food.

Check it out!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Peruvian kitchen

My restaurant recommendation for you today is the Ceviche in Soho which is a Peruvian cuisine.

Amazing experience with a nice and pleasant atmosphere, personal very kind and helpful.

Very fresh food with nice presentation. The concept at Ceviche is ordering small plates to try different variety of food. I recommend the heart beef, quinoa salad and the ceviche (pictures cited below).

Ceviche is a seafood dish, made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juice (lemon or lime) and spiced with chilli peppers.

In term of drinks, they have got their Pisco Bar - cocktails essentially made with Pisco (national drink).

Ceviche is got a sister in Hoxton: Andina which i cant wait to try!

heart beef

Quinoa salad

Image via

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Prawns salad

Here is my pre-spring prawns salad - very easy to create and super delicious :)

Buy prawns already cooked - wash them
Add. Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Green olives
Sprinkle of Powder flax sunflower pumpkin & sesame from Sainsbury's
Add. Lemon juice and balsamic
Salt and pepper


Health benefits of prawns
(+) Low in fat and rich in protein, zinc, Iron and Omega3
(-) Contain cholesterol

Trainers and pencil skirt

I love the new neon trainers from Nike! They are so adorable that when i look at them the only think i want to do is putting them on and having a run. Thanks for the fantastic design, flexibility and cosiness.

image via

However, trainers are for exercising, walking to the shop around the corner late at night or for a long walk with your grand-dad on sunday afternoon but certainly not for matching them with your new pretty pencil skirt and thighs (thighs are probably the worst part).

I have always hated this two combinations, its sooo ugly.. I am not being mean here it actually is! Dont get me wrong, it can actually be quite cute with converses or lovely sporty shoes. But not proper trainers.

First time i have seen this, obviously in London (city, where nobody cares of your look) i thought it was a pleasantry or something.

I understand that women (included me) need comfort to commute. But pleeeeease! Not at this price - its a killer!! Style-killer (if there were once in a first place). It wipes off the effort you have spent getting ready in the morning.

I am sure that men in general absolutely hate it too. They wont realise when you put mascara on, been to the hairdresser or buy a new bag but those trainers to your feet with a feminine skirt right now, i bet they will!

I have actually tried the other day and i felt like a major idiot! Its so unsexy. I had the impression that everybody was looking at me (obviously i was tripping, nobody gave a damn).

But the worst is that according to Grazia Magazine it has become FASHIONABLE. Joke!!! We say NO! What do you think?

Lifting weight for weight loss

I have always thought that Cardio training will be the best way to lose weight. Does it not make sense? When you run, work your ass off on the cross trainer or rowing machine, when you feel the pain and sweat running down your forehead that must automatically result to a weight loss - right? Yes true, but I am not convinced thats the BEST way to lose weight anymore.

The main reason why women don't want to lift weights is because they don't want to get bulk, fair enough but its not gonna happen unless you lift heavy weights 5hours a day 7days a week.

Think twice, lifting weights will help you building muscles, having muscles will increase the amount of calories your body will burn at rest. More muscles you have, more your body will burn, speeds up your metabolism and therefore start to make you lose weight even without doing any effort. All benef!

Here are my cardio training workout plans

Treadmill 30mins
5min fast walk (4mph - 5 incline)
1min of speed (8mph - 2 incline)
1min (3.5mph - 10 incline)

Or 15 minutes of cross trainer (without raising heels) and 15minutes of rowing machine.

Following by 15minutes of weightlifting (essentially arms), squats (3 times, 4min), abdominal exercises, and 15 minutes of stretching (full body).

Feel so good!!!!

Here is a nice app for weightlifting -

Trick. You will have more energy and power to lift weights if you do it before stretching.

Also, its important to vary your workout. I usually go minimum 3 times a week. Now thats getting warmer outside i run during the week and go to the gym during the weekend.

When the summer you will be there (not sure that it does really exists in London) i will be going for a 30min run before getting to work in the morning. So refreshing and will have my evenings free!

image via 

Vietnamese cuisine is the best

My restaurant recommendation for you today is The CâyTre in Soho, one of my favourite restaurant in London. Caytre is a vietnamese cuisine - its delicious and healthy (depending on what you pick on the menu though).

There is also one in Hoxton but its different. The one in Soho is better. Cây Tre's got two sisters: kêu! and Viet Grill both in Shoreditch. Cây Tre /Soho stays my favourite.

My starter recommendation will be the Vietnamese Spring Rolls following by a Beef Pho and a Saigon beer as a drink.

I also recommend the Bun Sa (pic below), the Roasted Spring Chicken Royale, the Vietnamese Beef salad (spicy) are very tasty too.

The Pho is a vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles called Bánh Phò, a few herbs, and meat.

image via

Bun Sa (hanger steak) 
Vermicelli Bowl with veggies and lemongrass sautéed.

For a cheaper variant you've got also The Pho restaurant. Nice! (not as nice than CayTre) but cheaper. They have got several all around London.

Beef curry rice

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

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Get your stomach flat

Have you ever experimented the sensation of feeling bloated and bit sluggish?

This discomfort can ruin your day. In fact, its a very awkward and annoying feeling.

There are many causes of this problem that could be water retention, bad circulation, pregnancy, contraceptive pill, hot weather, hormones, some medications and more.

I don't think that we can get completely rid of this problem but at least reduce the symptoms.

Sometimes it may be a serious problem so better to see your doctor otherwise lets have a look at those tricks below.

  • Drink water! At least 1,5l a day - although it may sound absurds and contradictory, drinking water will help your retention problem
  • Try to not stay in the same position for too long
  • Avoid crossing legs when sitting
  • Eat bananas (rich in potassium)
  • Go for proteins
  • Drink green tea
  • Reduce your caffeine intake
  • Cut back sodium
  • Whenever you can, bring up your feet and legs
  • Exercise (at least 20min a day)
  • Eat healthy (a lot of vegetables) grains and other high fibre food
  • It can be a lactose intolerance so drop cow milk for rice, soya or almond milk (i have created a post about this) 
  • Moderate fruits intake
  • Breathe properly 
  • Too much fibre (cereals etc may be hard to digest)

Hope this was helpful.

image via

Put your trainers on!

Its good to pay attention on whats on your plate but it isn't all - you also have to move your bum to get results. One doesn't go without the other.

Would you work out an hour or so and have a burger afterwards? Probably not.
Would you skip the gym and feel so bad and have a burger instead? More likely.

When you start working out you don't want to ruin what you have achieved by messing up with your alimentation. Working out helps to control your food.

If you dont feel working out, remember this - you will never regret a work out you will only regret to not go. You cannot deny the euphoric feeling while and after exercising so on lazy days try to remember this.

And if you still look pretty after a work out, it means that you haven't worked out enough. You have to be sweaty, salty, ugly and have jelly legs feeling. Feeling this? Well done!

Take it easy

Wanna lose weight?

Start by eating slowly. Nowadays, i know its difficult considering that we have got no time for anything. Rushing around lunch time, we've all got a busy and stressing life!

But taking time to eat is priceless and will make a huge difference to your waist line. First of all, you will reduce the feeling of being bloated, second of all you will eat less and feel less hungry later on. Remember that your brain get the signal of being satisfied after 20minutes so wait at least 20minutes before eating again. 

Eating slowly is an habit, it means that you can work on it. I am the first one to finish my dish in 10 minutes as i hate eating lukewarm food  - well saying that, my salad is also gone in 10min. But yes i am working on it ;)

However, I realised that i tend to eat slower when i am eating with someone. Unless this person eats even faster than me. I am trying to get the same rhythm at least by courtesy (and also to not be perceived as famished ;) )

Here are some tricks to help to eat slower:

Drink a glass of water before, with and after your meal
Relax and savour
Minutes yourself
Don't wait to be starving to eat
Put fork and knife down between each bit

And enjoy...!

Still hungry after 20minutes? Have a hot drink like coffee or tea and/or go for a small walk

Tricks to eat less.
Enjoy every bite
Use small plate to take smaller portions
Avoid your food weaknesses (food that you cannot stop to eat once started)
(Mine would be peanuts butter and cashew nuts and yours?)

Follow the above and see the difference, good luck !


Skip cow milk

I am big cereals fan :) like most of us i guess.

I used to really like Granola (still do) but heard thousand of bad things about it so i try to avoid them. The best cereals you can have is Muesli / Porridge (oats) but i am not a big fan of it. Although that Porridge's got an high amount of fibre and energy which prevents you from overheating, keeps you full and warm but still prefer a cold cereals bowl in the morning.

My favourites are the Wholegrain fruit & fibre (the purple packet) from Sainsbury or the fruit & fibre one by Kellogg's. I think they are quite fulfilling, good, cheap and pretty low in salt and calories.

Now, i have created this post as i wanted to share that i have been eating cereals for ever and started to have few months ago a sort of discomfort. So i swapped my usual skinny (cow) milk for the rice milk (or soy or almond milk) which is lower in fat, a tasty alternative for vegans, safe for those who suffer from lactose intolerance and much more digest and better for you than cow milk and i feel the difference, i fell less bloated.

Did you know that 3glasses of low fat (cow) milk add up 300kcal to your day?

We aren't supposed to drink cow milks in adulthood anyway. Its full of fatty acids which basically makes you fat! Without counting thats a nightmare for the cows themselves.

Thinking that cow milk will bring you the amount of calcium you need is totally wrong considering that Chinese people drink half as much calcium and have a very low incidence of the bone disease.

So do a favour to your body and our planet, stop drinking cow milk.


My shopping list

I have been to whole food and got those two products. This almond butter (good fat) is made with whole organic almonds, there are not added ingredients. Almond butter is very nutritious but high in calories so eat it with moderation, ideally one spoon a day!

Personally i am huge fan of peanuts butter and i have always been (who's not..) When i was younger i was eating it soooo much and I'm still an huge addict to it. Thats why i avoid buying it as i cannot have only one spoon a day.

Here are some ideas how to eat your peanuts or almond butter:

Excellent before a work out, spread it on wholegrain breads or crisp-breads with some slices of bananas
For breakfast - add a spoon (max two) in your porridge/yogurt with some fruits (raspberries, blueberries etc..)
As an healthy snack - with some fruits like grapes or apples
Use it as a sauce -  scatter on veggies, yum!

Receipts for the sauce
In a bowl mix Peanut butter, add some water, Soy sauce, Lemon juice, Cayenne pepper, Honey/golden syrup or Brown sugar. 

Just the thought of it, makes my mouth watery :)

HOWEVER always buy an organic peanuts or almonds butter, with NO SUGAR or Oil added, otherwise its VERY bad and fat.

You can find the organics one in Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods market, in some organics shop or even on-line on amazon.

Regarding the antioxidant kiwi juice - its delicious. Really like naked range juices. I bought this in Whole Foods market too. Although i prefer my homemade juices which are better , cheaper and healthier than in a bottle this one is low in calories but yes bit sugary.


Gold of the Incas

Quinoa is an antioxidant full of proteins, fibre, iron, magnesium. Quinoa is also known as a detoxification too.

Fibre is good for your metabolism, reduce high blood pressure and prevent heart disease.
Iron is beneficent to keep our red blood cells healthy and regulates body temperature.
Magnesium helps to relax blood vessels and helps to relieve migraine.

Here an idea of quinoa salad - fresh and easy to make!

- ham slices
- lemon juice
- bit of olive oil
- tomatoes or/and cucumbers
- fresh parsley and/or coriander
- white vinegar
- salt and pepper
For the threat you can add some fetas

Flat Iron

My restaurant recommendation for you today is FLAT IRON in Soho.

The meat is unbelievably tasty. There is only a few selection of sides which can be very convenient for those who cannot decide what to pick on the menu.

The place is unusual and quite pleasant.

In 3 words - Simplicity, delightfulness, and inexpensive!

Unfortunately you cannot book you gotta walk in and hope there is space. Worst case, you'll wait at the bar and taste their very strong cocktails (not over keen of those).

Try and lemme know!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Healthy Tuna

Tuna was one of my obsession last year.

Its full of proteins, good for your heart and immune system, rich in omega3, reduce risk of cancer, increase your energy and its low in calories.

Here is my special recipes
Tuna (in brine)
Yogurt natural 0%
Rice or quinoa
Green olives
Salt and pepper
And you can cook some veggies on the side to make it even healthier.


Make way for chickens

Chicken is super healthy! When it's cooked well, i mean - not deep fried.
Frozen chicken isn't healthy because of preservatives.

Chickens contain only a little fat and lots of proteins, its got zinc which increases the appetite and maintain your health, it keeps your bones and heart healthy, boost your immune system and relieves stress.

My favourite thing at the moment is roasted chicken. Its easy, quick to make and delicious! Here is my way of doing it.

1. Buy some thighs, legs or even a whole chicken
Personally i usually never get the chicken pre-marinated i always prefer to marinate myself with:
Honey or mustard
Soya and/or vinegar
Chilli powder, pepper and salt (you don't need to add all of that its really up to everyone)

2. Cook some sweet potatoes with skin (huge fan of them!)
Tips. Boiled them and when they are ready (not too soft) put them in a cold water the skin will come out easier.

3. Cut some onions, tomatoes and peppers (and whatever else you want)

Put everything (veggies, chicken and sweet potatoes) on a tray and in the oven for an hour!

Plus+. Spread some sesame seeds on the chicken once cooked ;)


Nutty super whole food salad

Have you tried this nutty super wholefood salad from Mark&spencer? Try it - its super yummy and healthy.

Nutritional facts
Fresh green beens , peas, broccolis, black eyed beans, quinoa and carrots (vegetarian lovers) are all very low in calories but still very nutritious and most of them do not contain saturated Fat or cholesterol. Very good source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Good to speed up the metabolism, also high on Vitamin A and prevent ageing.

Peanuts almonds and pistachios are for the energy and pleasure, its good source of proteins but they are high on calories -  to consume with moderation.

Source from


Have you heard of Ottolenghi? Its a Mediterranean cuisine. Yotam Ottolenghi is a famous Israeli chef, cookery writer and restaurant owner. There are couple of his restaurants in London.

The Nopi in Soho -

OTTOLENGHI in Islington / Nothing Hill / Belgravia -

I have been once to the one in Islington - its a very demanding place. Good experience and interesting mix of flavours. Try it and let me know what you think ;)

Chicken houmous

Fancy a Potsu?

If it hasn't been done yet - try the vegetable dumplings & noddles Potsu from Itsu. I have been exaggerating and been eating this at lunch for the past 3months. Still not fed up!

Its cheap and only 526kcal and very low on Sat. Fat. (4.8g), tasty and this will keep you warm and full - My everyday lunch.

There is different type of Potsu either with rice, chicken or duck etc but that one is my favourite.

Get your Runkeeper App

Runkeeper is a very useful phone application - it consists of having your personal trainer with you at all time. You can track your runs, walks or bike rides by using your Gps in your phone.

It also helps you to see your progress over time. I have been using it for ages now and it helps me a lot and remind me to work my ass off when i become lazy. Get this app - its free and fun,

Spring's coming!

For steak lovers

My recommendation for you today is The Hawksmoor. There is a few in London and have only experimented the one in the City so far.

Hawksmoor is one of the best Steakhouse in London with nice cocktails and atmosphere. So if you are looking for the perfect steak following by an excellent service and ambience, here we go! 

Don't forget to drop me a comment to tell me what you think ;)

Sunday, 23 February 2014

MyFitnesspal app

I have been using Myfitnesspal app for couple of months and it helps me to realise what i am eating and how much. Its a variant of watch watchers -  It gives you a nutriments and calories breakdown. It helps to get in control of your alimentation. For uk residents its very easy as you can scan your articles rather than enter them manually every time.

Download and check it out.

Poached salmon

I am quite a big fan of Itsu.

I have got one next to my work and i can say than I've tried pretty much everything there. Its the only healthy place around.

I have tried to reproduce the poached salmon and it tasted even better!

Prep salmon. 5min
1 pounds salmon (pin bones removed)
Add some white vine
Thin slices of yellow onion and shallot
Add lemon juice
Parsley, salt and pepper

Once the salmon cooked - In a bowl, mix the salmon with garlic, yogurt and spices.

1x Wholegrain wrap
Add some raw or cooked veggies (laitue cucumber, tomatoes) add sauce if you wish

Spread the salmon prep on the wrap. Bon appetit!

My homemade's one
From Itsu at only 199kcal (

Homemade tuna version wrap

House of ho in Soho

There is obviously thousand of restaurants to try in london with different cuisines for different budget, atmosphere and flavour and you can get lost with that many choices.

Here is a nice but bit pricey restaurant that has opened recently. House of Ho is a fusion of traditional and modern vietnamese cuisine. Worth the try.

House of Ho in Soho - I greatly suggest the Shaking beef, it was AMAZING.

Seafood ceviche

Link tip

I have recently discovered this website
Check it out - Quite useful
You can also download the app.

Borough market

Borough market is the place to be for any foodies who like and care of the quality and provenance of products. Its one of the largest and oldest food market in London and personally the best. You've got a good choice of products and quality but bit pricey. However, you can try the food in almost every stand which is quite nice.

Here is a picture of a selection of fresh breads. 

Check the link below for more infos :)

Yummy starter

Impress your friends with a goat cheese salad as a starter
The one below has been made from my friend, Enora. Its very easy to make.

Lettuce, Avocados, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Toasted bread with goat cheese and a touch of honey, Balsamic sauce, Grated carrots and nuts

Bon appetit!

Healthy dessert idea

Here is an healthy dessert idea from my sister in law ;)

Fresh, healthy quick and simple to make! Try it!

In a melon add whichever fruits you like;


Success guarantee !

My weak spot - frozen yogurt

I absolutely love frozen Yogurts. I love ice cream and a frozen yogurt is an healthier version. In london you've got thousand of places where they are doing them - unfortunately its often too cold to have them.

Tips. The natural one from Itsu is zero fat. Add some pumpkin seeds on top and add whatever you wish (golden syrup, honey or fruits). Cheaper and better!

From Snog  with two toppings (chips dark choc and blueberries) which is bit expensive.

From Itsu - with pumpkin seeds and zero fat

Porridge - Breakfast idea

Now that i am living in london i have to acclimate with the custom of the country.
Like for example eating their famous porridge (but done in my way!).

The porridge is very good and keep you full and warm during the winter.
See all the benefits in the link cited below;

Pumpkin seeds
Rice milk
+ you can add some pieces of dark choc (yum!)

Breakfast idea

Plain jogurt
Seeds (pumpkin and sunflower seeds)
Powder of flax, sunflower pumpkin & sesame seeds  & goji berries (pic listed below fromSainsbury's)

Benefits of lemon water

First thing in the morning, drink a warm or lukewarm glass of water with fresh lemon in.

Why warm? Lemon has to be diluted in warm water, its important to protect your teeth.

Then wait at least 15minutes before having breakfast.

Lemon will become your best friend you might not realise yet how much lemons are beneficent for your body, appearance and health.

As Lemon is high on potassium it will give your immune system a boost, speed up your digestion and help bloating sensations, freshen up your breath and as lemon is an antioxidant it will clean your system and complexion - it will also help to lose weight as it reduce food cravings.

Try it! ;)

Breakfast idea

Juste made my healthy breakfast;
Its better to start the day with smth salty than sugary it'll keep you full for longer.

3 crisp breads of Ryvita Sesame
30g of light Philadelphia
3 slices of smoked ham
1tb of Honey


And for the little treat
Chips dark chocolate at 127kcal
(25g) from Sainsbury's

346kcal and i am full! ;)

Little plus;
Honey and cheese are a very good match. 

Naughty breakfast

My first post will be devoted to the first meal of the day. The breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. I've got it from an early age as I heard that you could eat whatever you wanted as you will spend it on the day. So when I was younger, I was awaiting for the breakfast to come, to eat what i didnt allow myself otherwise  "pastries" always been a big fan of pastries like croissants or pain au chocolat. Those arent in my todays food list anymore, things are differents when you get older (not than I am old) ;) but you know you gotta be more careful so these treats are for special occasions only now. Nowadays, when it comes to breakfast i have got different lifestyle choices which i will share it with you on this blog.

The person who came up with this famous quote that says "eat like a king in the morning, like a prince at noon and as a peasant at night " was very right and should be applied to all of us. I don't understand how people can still skip this meal. Having a breakfast boost your metabolism although it hasn't been scientifically proved, it makes sense, it makes the "machine" starts and ready to burn. So you'd better start eating a breakfast if its not already the case, you will burn more calories and be less hungry later on. 

Healthy breakfast recipes to follow....