Sunday, 23 February 2014

Poached salmon

I am quite a big fan of Itsu.

I have got one next to my work and i can say than I've tried pretty much everything there. Its the only healthy place around.

I have tried to reproduce the poached salmon and it tasted even better!

Prep salmon. 5min
1 pounds salmon (pin bones removed)
Add some white vine
Thin slices of yellow onion and shallot
Add lemon juice
Parsley, salt and pepper

Once the salmon cooked - In a bowl, mix the salmon with garlic, yogurt and spices.

1x Wholegrain wrap
Add some raw or cooked veggies (laitue cucumber, tomatoes) add sauce if you wish

Spread the salmon prep on the wrap. Bon appetit!

My homemade's one
From Itsu at only 199kcal (

Homemade tuna version wrap

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