Monday, 3 March 2014

Social drinks

Can we really escape from drinking alcohol without to be taken as dull? To be honest, with 7calories per gram i don't mind to be the last loser at the table.

However, I personally have fun drinking and looking forward a glass of wine or two afterwork (red or white). Even after knowing that a bottle of white is 500kcal, a glass is equivalent at 4 cookies and a pint of Lager is as much calories as a slice of pizza.

I like wine at home but when I go out i like to have long drinks or cocktails (bad) so yes i try to minimise the disaster by choosing the lowest in sugar and calories and work my ass off the next day.

I am really trying to avoid beers (like my flat belly too much) and cider (1/2 Pint for 105kcal). Luckily winter is almost done as Mulled vine is a KILLER with 227kcal for a glass/120ml. So go for spirits (gin, rum, vodka mixed with diet soda or tonic), wine or champagne  and avoid beers and cocktails which are the worst.

Drinking alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns as your system is too occupied dealing with the alcohol which it cant store. Your body makes processing alcohol a priority and slows down the process of digestion. This makes having a big meal and drinking alcohol a bad idea.

To give you an idea of how much calories you can ingurgitate per night (or day).

Per serving 1glass (125ml)

Gin and vodka are 72kcal
Bacardi/diet coke is 52kcal (very good choice)
Wine red or white is 85kcal
Mojito is 160kcal
A margarita 168kcal

Alcohol is high in sugar but also in fat with 9kcal of energy per gram (considering that most ingredients have 4per gram). And obviously there are "empty calories" with no nutritional values.

Plus, drinking alcohol makes us hungry and a 2am's burger/chips are very tending at this stage. And if this wasn't enough, the next day, being hungover makes us want fatty and salty aliments - welcome to a weekend at more than 4000kcal. I hope that was worth it :)

So some tips for heavy nights out: Have a light but consistent meal before drinking (protein is the best), think of drinking water during the night as alcohol dehydrate you a lot which makes you have a headache the next day, try to stick to one alcohol per night, if you start with gin, stick with gin. Apparently you can also stick with colour. Gin/vodka/martini together and rum/whisky works also together.

To conclude, the key is moderation. A glass or two from time to time is great and very enjoyable! Saying that i am the first one to open the bottle and finish my drink ;)

Share with us your experiences, we'd love to hear them.

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