Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Take it easy

Wanna lose weight?

Start by eating slowly. Nowadays, i know its difficult considering that we have got no time for anything. Rushing around lunch time, we've all got a busy and stressing life!

But taking time to eat is priceless and will make a huge difference to your waist line. First of all, you will reduce the feeling of being bloated, second of all you will eat less and feel less hungry later on. Remember that your brain get the signal of being satisfied after 20minutes so wait at least 20minutes before eating again. 

Eating slowly is an habit, it means that you can work on it. I am the first one to finish my dish in 10 minutes as i hate eating lukewarm food  - well saying that, my salad is also gone in 10min. But yes i am working on it ;)

However, I realised that i tend to eat slower when i am eating with someone. Unless this person eats even faster than me. I am trying to get the same rhythm at least by courtesy (and also to not be perceived as famished ;) )

Here are some tricks to help to eat slower:

Drink a glass of water before, with and after your meal
Relax and savour
Minutes yourself
Don't wait to be starving to eat
Put fork and knife down between each bit

And enjoy...!

Still hungry after 20minutes? Have a hot drink like coffee or tea and/or go for a small walk

Tricks to eat less.
Enjoy every bite
Use small plate to take smaller portions
Avoid your food weaknesses (food that you cannot stop to eat once started)
(Mine would be peanuts butter and cashew nuts and yours?)

Follow the above and see the difference, good luck !

Source. wikihow.com

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