Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Get your stomach flat

Have you ever experimented the sensation of feeling bloated and bit sluggish?

This discomfort can ruin your day. In fact, its a very awkward and annoying feeling.

There are many causes of this problem that could be water retention, bad circulation, pregnancy, contraceptive pill, hot weather, hormones, some medications and more.

I don't think that we can get completely rid of this problem but at least reduce the symptoms.

Sometimes it may be a serious problem so better to see your doctor otherwise lets have a look at those tricks below.

  • Drink water! At least 1,5l a day - although it may sound absurds and contradictory, drinking water will help your retention problem
  • Try to not stay in the same position for too long
  • Avoid crossing legs when sitting
  • Eat bananas (rich in potassium)
  • Go for proteins
  • Drink green tea
  • Reduce your caffeine intake
  • Cut back sodium
  • Whenever you can, bring up your feet and legs
  • Exercise (at least 20min a day)
  • Eat healthy (a lot of vegetables) grains and other high fibre food
  • It can be a lactose intolerance so drop cow milk for rice, soya or almond milk (i have created a post about this) 
  • Moderate fruits intake
  • Breathe properly 
  • Too much fibre (cereals etc may be hard to digest)

Hope this was helpful.

image via amoils.com

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