Friday, 7 March 2014

Fresh juices

I have just received my new juicer from Bosco, cant wait to prepare fresh juices.

Juices are very good and healthy as they help you pre-digesting aliments and absorbing all the nutriments needed which isn't the case when aliments are cooked (as previously explained,  in a process of cooking, ingredients lose a big part of their nutriments) — The best would be eating them raw. Also, juices could be the solution for people unable to ingest the minimum recommended of 5veg/fruits per day.

However, most of juices contain no protein which means it shouldn't be used as a meal replacements but more as a meal supplements (unless you are into a special detox diet).

In order for you to get all nutriments, its also important that you drink your juice straight afterwards — The fresher, the better!

Also make sure that your juicer is properly cleaned every time you use it.

There is so many juices combos that you can create — Here are some ideas that i want to share with you.

For those who want to lose weight:

1. Celery, apples and orange
2. Apple, celery, spinach, Kale and lemon
Kale — powerful in antioxidants (detox food) low in calories, high in fibre, calcium, iron, vitamin A, C, K and obviously zero fat which make Kale the queen of greens. 
3. Apples, cucumber, kale, spinach and Lemon

For those who feel tired and need a boost
1. Tomatoes, celery, cucumber, carrot, parsley, green pepper and spinach
2. Celery and honey
3. Carrot, broccoli and celery

Nausea and/or hungover
1. Carrot, apples, ginger and lemon
2. Celery, apple, tangerine and lemon
3. Watermelon, tomatoes and lemon

Apple, strawberry and lime
Orange, beetroot and carrot
Carrot and broccoli

Please give us your special receipts juices too :p

Picture to follow......


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