Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Trainers and pencil skirt

I love the new neon trainers from Nike! They are so adorable that when i look at them the only think i want to do is putting them on and having a run. Thanks for the fantastic design, flexibility and cosiness.

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However, trainers are for exercising, walking to the shop around the corner late at night or for a long walk with your grand-dad on sunday afternoon but certainly not for matching them with your new pretty pencil skirt and thighs (thighs are probably the worst part).

I have always hated this two combinations, its sooo ugly.. I am not being mean here it actually is! Dont get me wrong, it can actually be quite cute with converses or lovely sporty shoes. But not proper trainers.

First time i have seen this, obviously in London (city, where nobody cares of your look) i thought it was a pleasantry or something.

I understand that women (included me) need comfort to commute. But pleeeeease! Not at this price - its a killer!! Style-killer (if there were once in a first place). It wipes off the effort you have spent getting ready in the morning.

I am sure that men in general absolutely hate it too. They wont realise when you put mascara on, been to the hairdresser or buy a new bag but those trainers to your feet with a feminine skirt right now, i bet they will!

I have actually tried the other day and i felt like a major idiot! Its so unsexy. I had the impression that everybody was looking at me (obviously i was tripping, nobody gave a damn).

But the worst is that according to Grazia Magazine it has become FASHIONABLE. Joke!!! We say NO! What do you think?

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