Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My shopping list

I have been to whole food and got those two products. This almond butter (good fat) is made with whole organic almonds, there are not added ingredients. Almond butter is very nutritious but high in calories so eat it with moderation, ideally one spoon a day!

Personally i am huge fan of peanuts butter and i have always been (who's not..) When i was younger i was eating it soooo much and I'm still an huge addict to it. Thats why i avoid buying it as i cannot have only one spoon a day.

Here are some ideas how to eat your peanuts or almond butter:

Excellent before a work out, spread it on wholegrain breads or crisp-breads with some slices of bananas
For breakfast - add a spoon (max two) in your porridge/yogurt with some fruits (raspberries, blueberries etc..)
As an healthy snack - with some fruits like grapes or apples
Use it as a sauce -  scatter on veggies, yum!

Receipts for the sauce
In a bowl mix Peanut butter, add some water, Soy sauce, Lemon juice, Cayenne pepper, Honey/golden syrup or Brown sugar. 

Just the thought of it, makes my mouth watery :)

HOWEVER always buy an organic peanuts or almonds butter, with NO SUGAR or Oil added, otherwise its VERY bad and fat.

You can find the organics one in Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods market, in some organics shop or even on-line on amazon.

Regarding the antioxidant kiwi juice - its delicious. Really like naked range juices. I bought this in Whole Foods market too. Although i prefer my homemade juices which are better , cheaper and healthier than in a bottle this one is low in calories but yes bit sugary.


Source. dolphinfitness.co.uk

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