Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lifting weight for weight loss

I have always thought that Cardio training will be the best way to lose weight. Does it not make sense? When you run, work your ass off on the cross trainer or rowing machine, when you feel the pain and sweat running down your forehead that must automatically result to a weight loss - right? Yes true, but I am not convinced thats the BEST way to lose weight anymore.

The main reason why women don't want to lift weights is because they don't want to get bulk, fair enough but its not gonna happen unless you lift heavy weights 5hours a day 7days a week.

Think twice, lifting weights will help you building muscles, having muscles will increase the amount of calories your body will burn at rest. More muscles you have, more your body will burn, speeds up your metabolism and therefore start to make you lose weight even without doing any effort. All benef!

Here are my cardio training workout plans

Treadmill 30mins
5min fast walk (4mph - 5 incline)
1min of speed (8mph - 2 incline)
1min (3.5mph - 10 incline)

Or 15 minutes of cross trainer (without raising heels) and 15minutes of rowing machine.

Following by 15minutes of weightlifting (essentially arms), squats (3 times, 4min), abdominal exercises, and 15 minutes of stretching (full body).

Feel so good!!!!

Here is a nice app for weightlifting -

Trick. You will have more energy and power to lift weights if you do it before stretching.

Also, its important to vary your workout. I usually go minimum 3 times a week. Now thats getting warmer outside i run during the week and go to the gym during the weekend.

When the summer you will be there (not sure that it does really exists in London) i will be going for a 30min run before getting to work in the morning. So refreshing and will have my evenings free!

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