Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Chemical cocktail

Coca Cola is the most famous brand in the history. Commonly called "Coke", this soft drink is a real poisson for your body and the human metabolism.

In term of acidity, Coca Cola is really close to sulphuric acid which is a same component used to clean surfaces. Coca Cola can be used to clean your house, toilets, stain etc (please see list below) and sometimes even better than some of households (toxic) products.

The Coca Cola is often cheaper and easier to buy in some third world countries than water. Coca Cola fools his consumers and entire nations by claiming that they are environmental focus but in reality, they are related to pollution, water shortages and some diseases.

People that consume soft drinks are 48% more chance to have a heart attack and stroke compare to those that never drink them or only occasionally. A study proves that consuming fizzy drinks are also related to lungs cancer and asthma. Oesophagus cancer was really rare two generations ago but nowadays its very current. Mechanical cells damages are a big factor of risk for cancer. All soft drinks engender gastric reflux and production of acid in the oesophagus. More you drink them more acid you will have and more risk to get a cancer.

Plus, the sulphuric acid contained in Coke slows down the human system which result of digging into calcium. In other terms, the carbonation and sulphuric acid that Coca Cola holds, will soften and weaken your bones.

The carbonation (which the components are dioxide of carbon and water ) contained in Coca Cola leads to a loss of calcium in bones which can be explained in 3 steps.

1. The carbonation irritates the stomach
2. The stomach treats those irritations with antacid (calcium) that the body gets from blood.
3. The blood will then get weak in calcium and will want to restock from the bones. If this whole process wasn't done automatically by the body, our muscular and cerebral functions would be severely compromise

Without counting that Coca Cola is very bad for your waistline but also for your teeth, it acts as an acidic cleaner, enough to damage teeth and make them weaker to dental caries.

Coca Cola shouldn't be drunk but rather used wisely. Did you know that Coca Cola can:

Get rid off grease or blood stain on clothes and/or floor
Remove rust
Kill insects (snail, slugs etc)
Clean burned pans, leave it soak and rinse
Descale kettles
Remove gums from hair
Smooth out your hair coloration with diet coke
Clean toilets, etc...

Now think about what it does to your stomach when you ingest it? Have you ever think what do Coca Cola is made from?

Hope you will think twice before opening a can of Coke now ...  x x

image from frot.co.nz

Source from lecoinbuzz.com

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