Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nicotine effects

If you are following my blog you must know that its all about healthy lifestyle choices, sports and consuming wholesome ingredients — Cigarettes don't fall into the same basket.

Saying that, I've always been eating healthy but have always been a "social smoker" too. I started very early, around 16 whilst I was out and about on both during week and weekend. I  smoked most of the time and quite a lot so the "social smoking" in this occasion felt more like a "regular smoker".

Although i've never been an addict and rarely felt the need to smoke on my own. It was often cigarettes/alcohol or after meals but weirdly I never liked the coffee/cigarettes combo.

Anyhow, I am 26yrs now, 27yrs this year, and it was the right time for me to stop completely. Its beneficent for everything and i am not the first one to claim it. Now that i have quitted completely (5months ago) I can try to put you guys straight.

I find it very paradoxical and oddly funny those women who spend a lot of money on beauty products/treatments, hairdresser, clothes etc but carry on smoking. Girls, start to stop smoking and you'd be prettier and for longer.

I know the major problem for you now, its the weight gain that may happen if you stop smoking (although i haven't put weight on when i stopped). But its true that you may gain weight by snacking to replace cigarettes and even if you don't eat more, because smoking increase slightly the metabolism, makes your body burns 200kcal a day (heavy smoker) and cut down your appetite.

But think of all risks and hassles below that you can reduce and/or avoid by quitting. And if you exercise more (at least half an hour daily), have healthy snacks (vegetable sticks, fat free popcorn, drink a lot of water and herbal teas), avoid alcohol (high in calories) all that will reduce the weight gain you may engender when you quit without making your health at stake as cigarettes does.

Stop to mess with your life, body and health, you've got only one, so start to take care of it. Smoking put you at high risk of cancer (lung, breast, throat etc.), problems during pregnancy and many more.

Think of your skin, do you know that every time you take a puff your create irrevocable damages to your skin (that you cannot get back). Smoking speeds up the overall ageing, causes wrinkles, shrinks your lips and creates yellowish complexion and if you think that wont appear before age 50 you are wrong - after only 10yrs of smoking you can already see the effects of cigarettes on your face.

Think of your teeth and everybody knows how teeth are important and how expensive and painful is to fix them, so think of your wallet too.

It make your nails weaker and your fingers yellow, it dries your hair, makes your breath smell like a cold ashtray, makes your less resistant, tired and breathless and reduces the ingredients flavour....which is sooo bad.

Without counting that its bloody expensive, think what you can buy with the money you spend on cigarettes.

Smoking affects your look and life so badly. So yes it was fun to smoke but at some point you gotta quit.

So drop this cigarette now, throw this cigarettes box away and start to live an healthier life.

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