Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Craving unhealthy foods?

Keep in mind that the more the ingredient is natural, the better it is. For your health and body.

First, identify your food cravings - Food cravings result to a lack in your diet.

Craving chocolates? Lack of magnesium.
If you are craving chocolates go for nuts or fruits. If the cravings don't go away go for dark chocolates (why dark? Its better and healthier than white or brown). With moderation, dark chocolates (which is my favourite) have health benefits as preventing heart disease, improving mood and protecting your skin from UV light.

Craving sugar? Go for long term energy (slow sugars) as proteins and complex carbs - ex. brown rice and whole grain pasta, basically anything with wholewheat in it. Carbs break down into quick sugars which our body will metabolise very quickly which result of a lack.

Craving fried foods ? you need good fat (calcium and omega3). Ex. fish, cheese and eggs.

Craving something salty? - Drink water

The best is removing all temptation in your home and never go to the grocery shop when hungry. When you go to the store buy healthy foods and break bad habits.

We all have food cravings and we all deserve a treat from time to time as long as it stays occasional its all good, don't feel bad about it and savour the guiltiness. Do not go for diet products or a supposedly healthy variant to minimise the calories intake - it will left you disappointed or worse, it will make you eat twice more than what you'd eat normally (thinking thats ok, its low-fat).

If you feel to have a delight in Starbucks, go for the normal Blueberries muffin - skip the skinny one which is probably not much less calories than the normal one anyway. And please avoid CRISPS, they are probably the worst as they are the result of deep- fried potatoes slices baked in oil.

And if you cant resist temptation on a day to day basis, go for diet products. If you cannot live without your daily can of soda, definitely go for the diet version, to reduce damages. Drinking diet sodas every day may be better than a regular can of soda for your waistline but worse for your health and teeth. A regular can of soda contains between 140-165 calories, if you can cut this habit down you will definitely see the difference on your scale and save money repairing dental email.

Be aware that diet products are fake friends sometimes, eating a lot of artificial sweeteners could increase tolerance for sweetness and increase cravings for sweets. So eat healthy, drop diet products and from time to time fully enjoy your naughtiness by eating what you really like which certainly wont left you frustrated.
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source. caloriessecrets.net and wikihow.com

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