Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Coconut Water

Coconut water is so fresh and delicious — it became my new obsession!

However, make sure you choose the one with 100% coconut water and no added sugar.

Its the new favourite post-workout drinks, a kind of natural version of energy drinks and for those who doesn't like drinking water (yes those people exist) that could be a good alternative too.

Coconut water is a punch of potassium that you can find only in certain aliments such as bananas, potatoes, kidney beans etc. which helps balancing fluids in the body.

It will give you the natural energy and sugar that fizzy energy drinks wont.

This magic liquid contains:

- Natural sugars, vitamins and minerals.
- Low in calories and naturally fat with cholesterol free.
- High in potassium (more than 4 bananas)
- Super hydrating

(+) Help with hungover
      Heart (by regulate blood pressure)
      Cancer and kidney stones
      Less sugar than some fruits juices
      Very good while or after a workout

However, do not overdo it, an average bottle contains about 60kcal and this can quickly add-up.

The Vita Coco from Sainsbury is my favourite but you can find variants almost everywhere such as Boots, Pret a Manger or Tesco.

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